Social Media How To's

1.  Photofy- This app is great for doing the mirror images, adding text and sayings to your pictures plus you can make collages from here as well.  It crops it to square and you can easily share on Instagram.

2.  Instabeauty- MIRACLE APP, because it takes out the uneven skin tone and gives you clear looking pictures.  It allows you to add filters to your pictures and get a crisp un wrinkly skin look.  You can also use it to create videos as well.  TRUTH- this is how I look good in my morning workout pictures!  {gahh I just let the cat out of the bag }

3.  Vont- This is great for putting text on your videos that you create and you can upload them to youtube or Facebook.

4.  WordSwag- It is a great app that allows you to put text on your photos but it has pre formatted settings which are just awesome when you are in a hurry.

5.  PhotoBlender- If you want to pull together multiple pictures and blur the lines between them then this is a really cool and different app to use.

6.  Snapseed- If I could have one that I almost can’t live without then this is it!  It brightens, adds flair, blurs the edges, creates a vignette, and has the best effects!  Hands down one of my favorites!!!

7.  Photo- This is the best one to ad words to your pictures. It’s easy, you can easily move it around and there is a variety of fonts.

8.  Rhonna- This is great for text, for creating collages, for using sparkly fonts and fun effects!  You can’t go wrong with this one!!!

9.  iMovie- This is how I take a video clip that I record and add text, cut and edit the video to make it fit for Instagram or my Facebook page.

10.  VOXER- this is my main method of communication with my family and coaches. I love voxer because you can send a message like a walkie talkie.  It runs off of data and its a great way to get around texting because I just can’t stand it!

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Social Media and Attracting Others

Posting 3-5 times a day on social media

WHY??? Honestly this is one area where people truly think I have 2 heads. Social media is really truly the area where you can create a following, develop trust and have people see that this is your lifestyle and now just a fad you’re going through. It is the place to show people healthy living tips and give a snapshot into your lifestyle and attract others to you.

Your FB posts are your supporting evidence that your challenge groups work, that you are accountable to your health and fitness goals and that you DO have something to offer people.

By sharing your life each day you begin to ATTRACT people to you! That is exactly what we do as Beachbody Coaches, we are in the business of attraction marketing.

So each day your goal is to post 3-5 times a day on your preferred social media source (IG, FB, LIKE PAGE, etc.)

You want to post on topics that are you! For example, what are the 3-5 times that define you?

For me it’s, Clean Eating, Exercise, My Family, Business Motivation, Shopping. That’s typically what I post about! Do you have an idea of what you share?

I will be honest, this takes practice, but if you don’t start, if you don’t take that leap of faith you will never develop consistency, a presence and be able to help others reach their goals. So it all starts here. I gave up very quickly with caring what others thought bc each day my goal was to add value to at least 1 person live. If I could inspire them to workout, to eat healthier then I had done my job!

Here are some examples:

Facebook is MY favorite way to grow your business, but as always consistency will be key.

Please watch this video about posting on Facebook.

Let’s do an exercise!

Go click on your Facebook page. Look at it from an unbiased perspective as if you were visiting someone else’s page.

Now ask yourself, are you interested in that person? Would you follow them? Are they positive?

Is this person posting consistently (8AM, 10AM, 12PM , 5 PM, 9PM-a minimum of 3 times a day)?

Does that person look like they are doing their Queen thing? Are the post bright and colorful (EYE CATCHING!!) Are they sharing about more than fitness?

There will be trial and error for all of us to find our niche and figure out what works.

I had to do a lot of self reflection about my own Facebook posts. I wasn’t being consistent, my posts weren’t edgy or eye catching, etc. I had to sit down and reevaluate. You will have to do the same! Hope this helps!

Taking quality pictures for your Instagram or FB is going to attract people to you. You always want to give your posts the “SO WHAT“ test!

If you would scroll through and not stop on your own pictures bc they are salesy or non engaging then what makes you think someone else would too?

The key to success is using pictures of yourself! Trust me, people would rather see you all sweaty post workout than a model! WHY?? Because they can relate to the normal you!

First Impressions can be EVERYTHING! You want people to click like and you want them to follow you! So give them something to follow.

What does your customer see when they visit your Facebook page?

By now, I imagine you are starting to do an AWESOME job sharing your journey and posting pictures to social media, but…often pictures could use a little work so that they are more appealing to the eye!

I’ve seen everything from bad lighting…to a lot of clutter in the background. I’m not saying you have to get glammed up or make them perfect…but tweaking a few things will go a lonnggg way!

Check out this article on 4 easy things you can do!

Check out my favorite apps.

Check out this video by Sarah Griffith. She is an incredible leader with some awesome tools to help you grow. Our goal is obviously to continually grow our social media and ask ourselves if the goal we are trying to achieve is being perceived by others on social media. If you are trying to advertise for coaching, is that coming across clearly on FB? Are you actively steering the right direction? Becoming self aware and reflecting is key here! 


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