Sealing the Deal with Customers

Still struggling?

Check out Brian Tracy’s book called “The Art of Closing the Sale.” While we don’t “sell” it takes you through the foundation of the trust building process which is a vital skill.

What should you say say when someone wants more info on your challenge group? Please read the How to Provide More Information guide to know what to tell potential challengers!

What do you say when someone is ready to purchase??? How do you explain how to get a challenge pack without giving too much information??  Here is my example:

I keep it simple, when someone is ready to sign up. I say:

Hey Sara, you need the challenge pack to get started. It comes with the entire fitness program, the nutrition guide, program manual, food storage containers, Shakeology and discounted price and shipping. Plus this gives you access into my support and accountability group where I am going to teach you how to plan out your meals, give you recipes, tips, daily accountability and motivation so that this becomes a lifestyle change and not a crash diet. Here is the link to get signed up {insert link}

Then, once you complete your order let me know, I will make sure everything goes through ok and add you to the group and get you up and running.

Are you going to do this today?

Let me know if you have any questions at all!

Can’t wait to have you in the group.


The key to your success

The bread and butter of your business is truly inviting. If you don’t invite you are legitimately shooting yourself in the foot. Your goal is to invite 2-3 people each day to join your next challenge group or your team.

{Ask your coach when your next challenge group is going to start}

Today your goal is to send out 2-3 or more invites to people inviting them to join your group.

Option #1: Here is an example of what you can say:

“Hi Cory! How have you been?? I hope you’re enjoying this warmer weather!! I am putting together my next online fitness challenge and wanted to know if you’d be interested in joining my ‘Fall into Fitness’ challenge group which starts August 22nd. Since I started doing Beachbody programs in July 2011, I’ve realized that accountability and support have been the BIGGEST factors in my success! In this group I am going to help match you up with a program that meets your needs. I will be sharing sample meal plans, recipes, tips daily, along with motivation and tools to help you handle emotional eating, late night snacking, weekend tips and more. Does this sound like something you would like to do? Either way let me know what you are thinking! I look forward to hearing back from you. -Melanie”

Check out this Script on Inviting and read these sample invite messages.

Option #2: Create an event on your Facebook page where you can invite others to join you!

Here is a video that walks you through how to create an event. I like to do this so that when people say they are interested or going I can then message them to see what interests them most about the group and begin to form them.

Listen to this call. It is going to help you with handling objections, creating an attraction to what you are doing and growing your confidence.

Below you’ll find some common objections and how to respond!

Objection:  Money is tight right now.

Answer:  I totally understand.  I really did not have the money to buy shakeology when I started as well.  But it is only $4 a day and I started to keep track of how often I ate out and how much it costed and I realized I spent just the same in eating out each week.  I started to put aside that money and was able to get shakeology.  I know $130 up front seems like a lot but when you break it down it’s not bad at all.  Even a grilled chicken salad at McDonalds is still $7.  I definitely don’t want to strap you for money, but if there is any way you can do it, it’s totally worth it.  If for some reason it doesn’t work out and you don’t like it, there is a money back guarantee so you won’t be throwing money away.

Objection: I can’t afford the gym, I’m a germaphobe, I’m lazy, I need to be fit and healthy, I have changed a few things in my diet but I don’t know anything about BB.

Answer:  So the good thing is that you don’t have to go to the gym because all of the workouts are at home fitness programs.  So you can do them where ever you want in your house.

Beachbody is a company that creates home fitness programs.  Have you every heard of the 21 day fix, Insanity, T25 or P90X?  They have a ton of programs that range from beginner to advanced.  In addition to a home fitness program, you get to be a part of an online accountability group with your coach, ME! My job is to help you set realistic and reasonable goals for yourself, then match you with a program that meets your needs, and then you log into our closed online group each day and I will post motivation, tips, recipes, support and guidance to help you start and stay committed to getting the results that you want.  For me personally it was a great fit because I have small kids and going to the gym was impossible, I needed other people to keep me motivated and I loved having this online community to lift me up on bad days.

It’s really an amazing program.  What do you think?  Is this something that interests You?

Objection: Here’s one we get a lot: I don’t like shakes or I don’t take supplements, this is right after I sent the invite.  I drank herbalife before and I don’t believe in shakes.

Answer: I was not a shake person either.  I honestly had never bought a meal replacement before.  But after reading all the success stories and reviews I decided to give it a try.  The reason is that I was eating clean, but I wasn’t reaching my goals. I realized that when life got busy and I was in a hurry I would grab something quick and it wasn’t always healthy. So shakeolgy has become 1 meal a day that is convenience when I’m busy.  I know that it has the right carb to protein ratio to keep me full for 2 1/2 to 3 hours.  It gives me natural energy, and honestly it really has so many vitamins and minerals that I don’t have to take a multivitamin anymore.  So it serves so many purposes.  Would you be willing to give it a try?I really aim to teach you how to plan out your meals, help you with better choices so that by the end of the challenge group you can decide for yourself if you want to continue shakeology or just eat clean!

Objection: I don’t have time.

Answer:  So for me finding time to workout was really hard with an infant that never slept and a toddler who was not napping.  I had to in my mind figure out what I was willing to sacrifice in order to feel better bc I was at a point where I really disliked myself every day and it was bringing my mood down.  I decided that I would DVR my favorite show and workout instead. Then I would watch the show afterwards or on the weekend and it took 1/2 the time bc I could fastfoward the commercials.

For coaching:  you definitely don’t have to have a ton of time.  You can literally build this business in 1 hour a day if you choose.  Some coaches work full time and some not at all, the great thing about this is that you can do as little or as much as you want and there is no monthly minimum quota or sales you have to get.  You can literally be a discount coach forever if you would like.

You aren’t locked into anything and if it doesn’t work out you haven’t lost anything except a few lbs and learned some new habits.

Our team has an amazing support system to plug into and we have a ton of online and remote trainings so you can learn at your own pace.  What do you think?

Objection: I’m not at my goal weight.

ANSWER:  That is totally ok! I wasn’t at my goal weight when I became a coach either.  People actually really like to see that you are a work in progress. I have shared my weekly update of my Beachbody workout, my meal plan, each week I talk about what I have learned about myself, the new recipes I try, the progress I am making, the moves I can now do unmodified and I share my journey.  People have loved watching me transform and they develop a trusting relationship with me and naturally want to join up with my groups.  I can teach you exactly how to do that. The good thing is that you don’t have to actively coach until you are ready. You can just get the discount and check everything out until you are ready to move forward.

The  best coaches are the ones that show their life in action!  It makes your relatable.

Objection: I couldn’t post on facebook like you do!

Answer:  I know how you feel.  I actually never used facebook for anything but scrolling through what my friends were posting and checking out other people’s pictures.  But then I really started to get into my health and fitness and I wanted to share tips with others.  So I started to to post motivational quotes, recipes I found, shakeology recipes and tips on my FB.  I started small and slowly learned how to just share my life.  It’s something you take slow and take time!  You don’t have to jump right in and post all the time.  I can help you with it!

Objection: I’m not a work out at home kind of person, I don’t ever stick with a program for long anyway, I ‘ve tried ___________ program and it didn’t work for me I doubt this one will.

Answer:  Well I never thought I was an at home workout program person either.  I always thought you had to go to the gym to get results.  But Insanity totally proved that wrong, holy batman is that workout hard!  I got great results and for me it was a good mix because I couldn’t go to the gym with a newborn and I wanted flexibility to do my workout at naptime.  Once I started seeing the changes I was hooked.  Plus the challenge group is what gave me the accountability, knowing I had to check in each day and report how my day was.  I needed someone to kick me in the butt and tell me to go workout.

It does have to be a personal choice. If it’s not something you feel you are going to like then I definitely don’t want to push you!  I hope you find something that fits you perfectly and if I can help in any way please let me know.

Are you having a hard time getting from the initial conversation with a potential customer to the point where they are actually pulling the trigger and completing the purchase?  Then this is going to be the resource for you!

Andrea does an incredible job in this video of helping you to pinpoint where you can fine tune what you are saying to get a YES vs a no or ignore.

What can I do to speed things along?

Sealing the Deal with Coaches

So there are many ways that you can invite to your challenge groups. Watch this video so that you understand the different ways this can be done. Please take note that personal invite in the diagram is where most of your invites should come from. Then social media posts and events. There is a place for all three and the more you use social media and start using other sites like Instagram, Facebook business pages, blogs, youtube etc… the more that others in your target market will find you. However this should never replace building relationships and personally inviting.

So now that you are inviting on a personal level… I want to make sure that you are not overloading your friends with information.

Layer it on.

Starting with a simple greeting then what connects you to them…

Here is an example of a great invite that was shared with me:

Hey Colie!!! How are you!? I don’t know if you remember me, but I met you at Cashmere at Lavo in Vegas like 2 years ago …wow I cant believe how fast time goes.. I can’t believe edc has been that long ago already… are you going to Miami Music Week???? Anyways, I’m not sure if you know this already, but I run online health/fitness groups that are super fun, motivating, where we focus on getting healthy and fit and truly making it a lifestyle! I’m pretty stoked about my Kickstart the New Year group that will be starting on January 19th! I know many people set the goal of getting healthy and take time to work on themselves in the New Year….sooo with that being said, do you know anyone that would be interested in participating?

Notice how it was an indirect approach.. asking if she knew anyone that would like to participate. Also there was no mention of the 21 day fix or Beachbody in any of the invite… this often scares people away because you are leading with your intentions… not theirs.

After this person responds then FORM them.. Ask them about their fitness, what they do for a living, their nutrition, why they want to make the change.

I always try to get on the phone with them and set up a consultation. This way we can chat and I can learn about them. I can offer solutions as well right there on the phone. Then if they are ready… walk them right through the ordering process! No waiting for links to see if they ordered and a lot less crickets.

As a team I host a sneak peek every month and it usually falls the third week of the month. You should know the date of the next coach sneak peek because it was posted in the team page.  It’s time to invite people without pre judging to join.

How to invite to a sneak peek:

1.  I invite every single person that is currently in my challenge groups.  I send them a message through the challenge tracker app:  “Good evening, I am absolutely loving our challenge group!  I wanted to extend an invite to you to see if you would be interested in learning more about what I do as a coach.  My team is hosting a sneak peek which is an informational 1 hour event on coaching, what we do, how to earn an income and how to find and enroll people as customers.  You can earn a 25% commission plus additional bonuses that can either pay for your own product or produce an income.  You also save 25% off everything you purchase as a coach.  So even if you just want the discount this would be a great option.  If you would like to join please respond to this message and I can add you to the group!  Sincerely, Melanie Mitro”

2. So send out this invite to all challengers now!!!  No pre-judging just send!

3. Then, send private messages to everyone you think would make a great coach.  “Hey jamie, I wanted to reach out to you and let you know that this week our team is hosting a sneak peek event which is an informational event that explains what we do as coaches.  I instantly thought of you and I really think you would make a great coach!  Would you be interested in learning more about it?  If so I can add you to our group.  Melanie”

So this is where I like to keep it short and sweet.  I don’t go into ridiculous detail here.  But I ask them what interests them most about the opportunity and what questions they have about it.  Then, I send them this link to a blog post that I wrote and you can share this as well:

And I also share this short video: ** You can use my videos.

Script:  Hey Jamie, I am so glad you are interested in learning more. So what interests you most about coaching.  What are your biggest questions? Here is a blog that my coach wrote that really outlines everything that you would need to know about coaching. Check this out and let me know what you think. Also here is a short video that gives you an overview of our team. I can’t wait to hear back from you and what you think! Melanie

It’s time to send follow ups.  So everyone you have reached out to this week, follow up with them.

Script:  Hey Jamie, I wanted to touch base with you and see if you are interested in joining as I do have a spot for you on my team.  We kick off our next new coach training on X date and I would love to have you! Either way let me know your thoughts and we can go from there! Melanie

My top tips for converting customers into your coaches. I like to call this the slow building way because it really does take time to get your customers to become coaches. So you can use this as a strategy but also never stop focusing on specifically inviting people to the business opportunity.

Follow Up to Applications

Once an individual completes an application and submits it to me I am pretty quick to respond.  I typically get back to them within 12 hours.  I read through their application and then send them an email response thanking them for the application and telling them a little bit about my team and what I have to offer them in the form of support, training, mentoring and documents that I share.  Then, I always tell them that I have a spot available in my next coach training academy that will start on X date if they would like it.

I also give them a link to my business opportunity meeting because it will answer a lot of the questions they may already have.  Also it gives them an idea of what they can expect from me and this team.

Then I close by having them get back to me with any questions they may have and I look forward to you joining my team!

Then, I also send a text message to the number they provided on the application as well. This ensures that my reply email doesn’t go to spam which we all know happens more than we would like.

Sample Text:  Hey “so and so” this is Melanie Mitro.  I received your coach application and responded to you.  I wanted to make sure you got my message because recently quite a few of my emails are going to SPAM.  Let me know if you received it!  I do have a spot in my next apprenticeship program if you would like it!  Hope to hear from you soon.  Melanie

Usually within minutes I get a response and people are excited that I sent them a text!  It ensures that they receive my message and follow thru will happen.

Then I wait.  I write their name on my list, give it 2 days then follow up.

Follow up:  Hey “so and so” I wanted to check in and see what you were thinking in regards to coaching on the Dream Team?  Either way let me know if this is still something you are interested in.  I am about to close registration for my coach apprenticeship program and didn’t want to miss you!  Have a great day.  Melanie

Example Email:

Hi Travis,

Thank you for the coach application.  So yes I am very involved with my team and the day to day training and mentoring!  I truly believe that when you spend time with your coaches they are successful.  So I have developed a pretty awesome coach training that I am implementing with my team and then my leaders as well.  So you would be plugged into our team page on facebook, our weekly team calls and then my coach apprenticeship program.

My goal is to keep you from re inventing the wheel and starting a solid foundation.  So to answer some of your questions.

When you sign as a coach there is a $40 coach sign up fee. This is a one time fee, but it is waived if you purchase a challenge pack when you start. The challenge pack has the shakeology and the fitness program together. This is the most bang for your buck because you get a program instead of flushing $40 down the toilet.  There is a $15.95 monthly coach fee to maintain your coach online office and websites. The only other fee is that when you become an emerald coach you pay a $45 quarterly club membership fee which gives you access to the customer leads as well.  By that point you are making money so it’s not a big deal at all.

If you sign up as a coach you will be enrolled into my next coach apprenticeship program which starts on February 3rd.  It’s a small group setting where I mentor each coach in a group setting, 1:1 and with weekly calls.  So you would be a part of that.

So, does that answer your questions?

Also, to really give you some more info here is a webinar that I did about coaching on my team.  This should give you a ton of great information. (LINK)

I look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions.  Let me know if you want to set up a time to chat.

Melanie Mitro