Recruiting New Coaches

How do you attract the right coaches to you?  How do you find like minded people.  How do you create a campaign to find the right individuals?

How to do it without feeling too salesy!!

Team Beachbody Summit 2014 Presentation on creating high performance coaches. Topics include: Getting new coaches started right, new coach training, determining who to spend your time with, what information to guide new coaches to reach success.

How do you pitch to your niche, attract the right people to your organization and narrow down your scope of who you want to be on your team? How do you define yourself as a leader and what qualities do you possess?

Confidence in presenting the business opportunity is something that doesn’t come naturally. This is something that we practice at. I know personally I was nervous the first few times that I asked someone to be a coach. I was totally afraid they would say no. But now, I can look at it and know that I am just genuinely looking out for their best interest by saving them $$ or I think they would make a great coach. THIS IS MY BEST VIDEO training on recruiting!

The Power of Challenge Groups

Finding Coaches for your business surprisingly is a very simple series of steps that if you repeat them over and over will create a ripple effect of attracting like minded people to your business.

Your Prospect is Ready to Commit, What Now?

Ok so now it’s time to sign up, go to my site, and click the coach tab and be a coach.

Complete the first page of information, at the bottom of the first page make sure it says my name as your coach, (Your Name) coach ID#(Your Id).

Then, on the second page is your challenge pack page. choose the package that you want and the flavor of shakeology you want. If you need help deciding let me know and I would be glad to help you.

Then, once your done click all the way through to the end and complete your sign up.

Once you are done shoot me a message so I can make sure it goes through ok and add you to the group and get you started!

I am excited to have you on my team!

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My Approach to Converting Customer to Coaches

So when I want to ask someone to be a coach I just message them and say :

Have you ever considered becoming a Beachbody Coach. You basically are already doing what I do. you post in the group, you offer support, you love your shakeology, you are getting great results and I would love to have you on my team and we can work together and run another group together! Have you ever thought about this?

Then I wait to see what they say.

If they say yes tell me more, then I say :

So what I do as a coach is start these challenge groups, I help people reach their health and fitness goals. I will teach you everything that I know through our coach apprenticeship program and you won’t have to do it alone. But you actually get a 25% discount on everything you purchase and you make a commission from the challenge packs and programs people purchase from your site.
What do you think? what questions do you have?

I include the video about “What is Team Beachbody” From the coach online office video library.

This document is in Word format.

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