Understanding the Leadership Ladder

Team Beachbody has also provided a set of benchmarks beyond just your rank that will help ensure you’re building a stable and profitable coaching business. We call this set of benchmarks the “Leadership Ladder.” At this point, I want to encourage you to build to the “Team Builder” benchmarks.

The benchmarks are:

  • Emerald rank (or above)
  • $250 a month in commissions
  • 2 Personally Sponsored Coaches with at least 1 SC point
  • 200TV on their weak leg

Here is a Leadership Ladder overview with details on what to do, know, and learn at each rung of the ladder.

This video is about building a solid foundation for your business that produces the income to match your rank.  What are the right business building behaviors to get you to your goals?

2014 Top Coach Melanie Mitro on main stage at Summit 2015 sharing her top tips for taking her business from ordinary to extraordinary using the Leadership Ladder.
What are the ways that you can create stability, momentum and growth in your organization? It’s not about building a house of cards but a solid foundation for future growth and development.