Compensation & How to Earn

Can Coaches earn a Fast Start Bonus when they sell a Challenge Pack?

Yes.  When a Sponsor enrolls a new PS Coach with a Challenge Pack, they will earn what we’re now calling a Challenge Pack Bonus. This purchase can be made within 31 days of this new PS Coach’s signup.

This bonus is equal to the commission they earn when they sell a Challenge Pack to a customer. For example, the Sponsor will earn $50 in commissions when they enroll a CUSTOMER with a $160 Challenge Pack, and a $50 Challenge Pack Bonus when they enroll a new PS COACH with a $160 Challenge Pack. If they sign up 5 PS Coaches with either the Shakeology Fast Start Pack or a Challenge Pack within a rolling 5 week bonus period, they’ll earn another $100 bonus. Full bonuses are listed in the Coach Online Office > Sales & Marketing > Beachbody Challenge > The Beachbody Challenge: The Complete Guide FAQ.

Separately, the Shakeology Fast Start Bonus will still work the same as always. If they sign up 5 PS Coaches with either the Shakeology Fast Start Pack or a Challenge Pack within a rolling 5 week bonus period, they’ll earn another $100 bonus.

Note: Fast Start Bonuses and SC points are NOT earned on Business Transfers; since buyer (new coach) is not eligible to purchase a Challenge Pack order.

Quote of the Day: “Your income can only grow to the extent that you do.” ––T. Harv Eker

One thing we haven’t talked about specifically yet is how your coaching business earns income for you. Building a strong and rewarding coaching business is the reward for working to make a difference in the lives of lots of people! For most Coaches, one of the first goals they have is to earn enough money to cover their monthly Shakeology. This is a great goal! But, your coaching business has much more potential than just that for you.

There are multiple ways that Beachbody pays commissions to its Coaches and it can be daunting to try and understand all of them. That will come with time, I promise. For now, stay focused on getting into Success Club every month by helping 3–5 people get started with a Challenge Pack and the money will take care of itself.

When you are starting to work your business and are not familiar with WHY rank advancing in important, I want you to take a look at this!!!

I know those cycle bonuses get slightly confusing at first but this is where your income starts to grow.. when you build a team!! You start getting cycle bonuses when you go emerald… Hence why emerald is important to advance to!!

Once you go emerald, you are able to build your legs (right and left) by adding coaches (discount or working) which then helps you build volume which then helps you with more cycle bonuses!!

The more volume (esp on your weak leg), the more cycle bonuses you get, then the higher your income (long term) will be without ALWAYS having to sell retail!

The higher you rank advance (diamond), the higher your cycle bonuses are ($14 vs $18) which WILL make a difference long term!! See what you could GAIN or potentially LOSE by not building your rank?? Hope this helps understand importance of rank and cycle bonus!

Watch this video on how to earn cycle bonuses.

Here are more on the compensation plan highlights.