Begin Phase 2 of your New Coach Training by familiarizing yourself with the goals of the training and watching these videos.

Goals of The 4 Vital Behaviors Training

  • Success Club 5 if you are growing slow and steady, but if you have big goals you really should never settle for anything less than Success Club 10.
  • Emerald Coach and Business Starter. If you are already Emerald, then your goal is adding minimum of 2 more coaches to your team.
  • Run a challenge group this month (either co-running with another coach or on your own).

How to Make the Most Out of Your Time

Watch this entire video. I mean it! Shut down all other windows on your computer, close the door, turn off the ringer on your phone and TAKE NOTES. Then DO what we talked about in the Power Hour EVERY day!

Pre-Season Now it's time to start your 4 Vital Behaviors training!

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