If you want to be successful in this business – it is absolutely IMPERATIVE that you are hitting Success Club EVERY MONTH. Non-FREAKING-negotiable.

As coaches, our role is to follow THREE simple VITAL behaviors & if we do that EVERY DAY consistently – we will have absolutely NO problem helping 3 people CHANGE THEIR LIVES. After all, changing lives is what we are here to do, right?!

To me, NOT hitting success club is like saying you don’t want to change lives, that you don’t REALLY want to achieve your goals, that you don’t want to follow the rules, that the future of your business if not important to you…or all of the above.

Now think about that for a second…

Do you want to change lives?
Do you follow the rules at your current job? or in every day life?
Do you REALLY want to reach your goals?
Is the future of your business & your life important to you?


Well then helping at least 3 people a month should be a piece of cake! If you REALLY want to be successful & have a burning desire to pass this INCREDIBLE business/life changing opportunity on to others…

You will make Success Club a PRIORITY, each and every month. WITHOUT FAIL.

You hear me? Okay good;) Now, let’s go out and change some more lives!!! We’ve got 3 days left to finish the month heart emoticon


Check the Power Hour Call below.

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